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A new kind of retreat

Can wellness and indulgence coexist in perfect harmony? We think so. 


The Break brings you to places of outstanding natural beauty for 7 days of pure self-nurture. Unlike most retreats, there isn't a singular focus - it's a balanced approach to wellbeing, with plenty of experiences and treats to nourish your mind, body and soul. 

Places that will take your breath away

We've handpicked a number of destinations with three things in mind: outstanding natural beauty, away from the beaten track, with a rich local identity. Next stop?


Croatia here we come...

diving board.png

The real thing, extra yummy

We have a deep connection with every location where our retreats take place. So much so that your home for The Break was designed by someone we know and love.

It's pretty simple: we just want you to feel right at home, whilst getting all the pampering and yummyness every guest deserves!

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